EV Sentry IIA Project...

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Hi list,

I just picked up a pair of these for next to nothing and unfortunately not only do they have practically no bass output (basic two-way ported enclosure, packed with fiberglass. good for RIAA recordings), but one 12" driver is out in one unit, so I might as well upgrade... :D

Anyway, I've been searching the archives for different configurations and various drivers and have just come up confused. Here's the basic cabinet specs:

Frontal Area: 17" W x 29" H (internal)
Depth: 12" (internal)

That's about 97 liters of internal space to play with.

I'd like to rebuild these with a good balance of HT and audio use, especially for reproducing those crystal clear low frequencies of electronica. Power output is not an issue, neither is maximum SPL, but I do want to be able to crank it and have it still sound great.

From my scrounging in the archives and on the net, it looks like going with a 15" sealed enclosure is probably ideal. But I have also considered doing two 12's.

So can anyone help me with some suggestions and possibly some cabinet modelling? Right now I like the looks of the Titan Mk3 and the Adire line, but I'm having more than a little trouble finding anyone with the Adire line in stock. Same with AE Speakers. It's like everyone decided to revamped their lines all at once....

Thanks for any help at all!
Thanks for the suggestion! I'm actually leaning quite heavily towards the AE drivers, I like the specs as well as the aesthetics.

After thinking about what I'm trying to do, it looks like the cabinet size is well suited for running a 12 and two 15 PRs. I think that ought to give me the best response out of the cabinet. It's a bit more complex than what I originally wanted to do, but should work out okay...

Any other suggestions or recommendations would be great.

Did some testing with WinISD last night. The AE drivers are indeed the best bet for this cabinet, but since it doesn't look like they will be available until Christmas, I'm looking at other options.

So far, the Titanic MkIII seems to give me a very nice response assuming 110 L and 20Hz Ft. Just need to figure out what I'll need to put in for PRs...
Okay, finally placed my order for drivers...

Looks like I'll be doing the following configuration:

1 x Dayton 12" Titanic Mk III (forward firing)
4 x Dayton 10" Passive Radiators (2 per side)

That should get these cabinents up and booming while I take the time to research out FR components.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.