European Triode Festival 2010

Just returned from ETF2010. Again great event; thank you Melaudia members for organising another memorable weekend!
There will be many pictures at European Triode Festival - Welcome at the European Triode Festival (ETF) pages! , but here are a few appetizers.

Here you see the three J's: Joachim, Jacco and yours truly.
Vladimir /AR2 asked me to deliver a Burning Amp T-shirt to Jacco and this is proof that I did!

Missed a lot of people: SY, PeteMillet, Morgan Jones, Steve Bench, others. Hope they can make it next year!

jan didden


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As a 1st-timer, it took me 3 days to realise it should be pronounced as Try-Eau-De Vie (stival).

After 2 straight days of solid bourbon and scotch (or 2 solid days of straight B&S, whatever pleases the reader most), i managed to set my nose on fire by exhaling through my nostrils while lighting a cigarette simultaneously.
(1st time experience too)

So excuse any expression of dis-pleasure, the bum was totally pissed during the surprise photo-shoot, with a sneezer that felt like crème brûlée.
To my feeble defence : Guido-T looked like a wasted twin brother at the end of the 3d "Liquor and 108 Tubes" session in his Dark auditor Room, with luck i scored enough credits for a 2nd visit. :clown:
Remember the Elektor 'Opamplifier from Doug Self? 64 opamps parallel per channel for a power amp delivering 15W.
Nelson Pass' 'Beast with the 1000 JFETs'?

How about 50 dual triodes in parallel for a 100W/ channel tube Beast: Guido Tents latest creation. It even sounded great!

hi Jan

thanks, thanks...

these are indeed 50 double triodes each channel, the amp is called Centi-are, as it was built on exactly one square meter of wood.

For those who weren't there; It is a fully differential amp, triode connected EL84's serve as differential input, another pair of EL84 is AC connected as super linear cathode followers, being DC coupled to the output stage.

Hi Jan,
Just to make sure my girlfriend doesn't get any funny ideas: Martina's last name is Schoener, not Schröder(which happens to be mine ;-)


P.S.: I got to talk to more people than in all the previous years, so my fun was as uncompressed as most of the music heard at the ETF :) Thanks Guys!!!

Sorry Frank! I owe you a beer next ETF ;)
And sorry Martina!

jan didden