euroblock plugs needes for Rane MA6S

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I just bought a used Rane MA6S power amp. It uses euroblock connectors for it ins & outs. It is missing several of each connector plugs. I emailed Rane asking about purchasing the plugs or if they could supply a part number for Digikey, Mouser, or someplace. They replied that as I lived in Canada, to contact my local distibutor. I phoned my my local distibutor. He was willing to order the parts, but said it would probably be faster and cheaper to get them from an electonics supplier. The only problem is I don't know the pin spacing, it's likely 5.0mm or 5.08mm. On the MOUSER catalogue pages 1050 and 1051, there are parts #'s 651-1754449, 2 plug 5.0mm, 651-1754465, 3 plug, 651-1757022, 2 plug 5.08mm, 3 plug 5.08mm. Does any one know which is the correct one? Or are they both incorrect?

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I have the same problem. I found a connector made by Molex that I think is the right one, but digikey does not carry the two pin version of this connector. The manufacture's model number is: 39840-0102 I'm not sure it is the right one either. But from the pictures it looks pretty close.
Thanks, that sounds like excellent advice. I was going to buy what I thought was the correct connector yesterday, but then I said to myself that I will wait for the amp to arrive and take a closer look at the terminal, but I never thought I might see the model number on that terminal.

Yes, I think the .08 difference in pin spacing comes more and more into play the more pins the connectors has. I only need connectors with 2 pins, which seems to be the hardest to find.
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Rane MA6 Euroblock replacements

I've struggled with the same issue. I bought an MA6 on eBay and it came without the male molex blocks. Fortunately, I didn't need it right away--I just bought it because it was a steal (got it for something like $120 shipped!!). I still haven't bought any of the molex plugs.

I'm inclined to agree that it probably doesn't matter which pitch you buy since, I would guess, the manufacturing QA tolerance isn't much stricter than the difference of 0.08mm. I tried measuring the molex jacks with digital calipers, but their resolution is only 0.05mm, so trying to verify +/- 0.08mm is somewhat "in the noise", especially when considering the manufacturing tolerance.

Digi-Key - WM7819-ND (Manufacturer - 39530-0002)
Based on what I read, based on the drawing the manufacturing QA tolerance for
pin pitch is 0.04mm for both the 39520 and 39530.

Here is one of the mating connectors (5.0mm). Unfortunately, there isn't enough information in the drawing to know if its bulk form would cause an issue in the mate.

Personally, I'd get the 5.00mm pitch connector. That way, the bulk form of the plug should mate regardless, and the pins inside can stand to bend by .006" (worst case) in the event the female molex in the amp turns out to be the 5.08mm pitch.

I was curious which came first the MA 6 or MA 6S or SSA-6. Rane states the SSA-6 was introduced in 1994. The other two I couldn't find the information.

I don't know if the MA 6 and MA 6S have the same feature, but the best feature of the SSA-6 for me is that I can remove or plug the gain for each channel so my kids can't change them. They can only turn the amp on and off. Also it's good that the SSA-6 has RCAs. Binding posts would have been sweet too, but the at least it has RCA inputs. I would have felt silly to pay 1/5 of the price of the amp for connectors that are worth 1/1000 of what the amp is worth. As it is I still have to pay 1/12 the price of the amp for connectors.
I'm thinking of disabling the fan on my amp. Is this a bad idea? I use this amp for my computer speakers, so the power output is real low. It never even gets warm. I think the air that blows out of the amp is actually colder than the air that gets sucked into the amp :rofl:
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They're 5.0mm.

Joining the discussion a little late, but anyway: I bought a surplus MA6S just today along with an MA6, and was pleased to see that the "S" still had five of its six sets of Euroblock plugs, and was further pleased to see that each plug is marked "5mm." So there you have it.

I've been using an MA6 as a live-sound monitor amp for about a year and it has worked out really well: Quiet, decent power, trouble-free -- not bad for a 17-year-old amp also purchased as surplus for low double-digits.

@Jimmy154: I'd recommend against disabling the fan. Since the heat sink in one of these is horizontal there's not a lot of natural convection flow past it.
Thanks for the tip. It's not a big deal since it sits right below my computer (which also has fans). Although the amp is slightly louder, I think. Also the fan is good because I can hear when the amp is on (I can't see the front most of the time). My son turns it on a lot.
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