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Ess' DAC & ADC ES9006 ES9008 ES9012 ES9016 ES9018 ES9023 ES9102 ES9112

Have any one use above parts?
We are ESStech distributor, if have needs, please feel free to let me know.

Part Number Description Package
ES9006 SABRE Premier Audio DAC 48LQFP
ES9008 SABRE Reference Audio DAC 64LQFP
ES9012 SABRE32 Reference 32-bit Stereo Audio DAC 64LQFP
ES9016 SABRE32 Ultra 32-bit 8-Channel Audio DAC 48-LQFP
ES9018 SABRE32 Reference 32-bit 8-Channel Audio DAC 64LQFP
ES9023 SABRE Premier Audio DAC with integrated 2VrmsDriver 16-SOP
ES9102 SABRE32 Reference 32-bit Audio ADC 48LQFP
ES9112 SABRE32 Ultra 32-bitAudio ADC 28SOP


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