ESS AMT-1C Crossover


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
AMT drivers tend to be almost purely resistive, so even 40 years ago they would have been very easy to design for. Having said that, a crossover must take into accou t more than just 1 driver. Using Xsim and the right measurements of the two drivers that must be integrated is surely much easier and affordable. A $12 measurement m8c and Room EQ wizard or Omnimic and DATS will be the equal if not far exceed what was available 40 years ago.
I have the ESS AMT limited edition mfg'd in 2014.
AMT Limited Edition – ESS Labs., LLC

Great sounding speaker.

Ive often wondered about switching to an improved 12" full range or change the XO or both.

Frankly I have been wondering how an EVM-12L would sound... but there are a few characteristics that other 12" speakers must adhere to:

1) They must be 4 ohm. If they are not, the XO would need to be modified. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to mod the XO for an 8 ohm speaker?

2) They must have the four flat spots around the edge of the speaker frame so they'll fit into the cutouts in the ESS cabinet... Or use different cabinets.