ESP project 3a PCB foil patterns

Hi guys,

I'm in the midst of building a 5.1 system for watching movies, and am looking at amplification for the centre/surround speakers.
After lots of prototyping (thanks to my dad there ;) ) I've decided I like the sound of the ESP 60/100w amplifier, loads of clean power, perfect for action movies :cool:
But I've decided to go all professional and put the amps on (drumroll) PCB's. Problem is that I want to etch the boards myself, and not buy them. I can't seem to find anywhere I can get the foil pattern.

Can anyone help out?
Making your own boards

If you really want to make your own boards, G.Randy Slone's are available in his books (you may need to enlarge some to 1:1 scale) or if I'm not mistaken you can buy construction manuals for some that let you use a copy machine to make transparancy for photo etching or to make a iron-on-peel sheet. He'll sell you the boards too if you wish.

Be warned, his parts counts are quite bit higher than Rod Elliot's. Many of his designs seem to be variations on Doug Self's "Blamless Amp". If you like low THD, they don't come much lower in AB class.

See :