Esl63 stator repair or replacement?

Any suggestions for repairing Quad esl 63 bass panel stators.I managed to bore a hole through both stators to one bass panel.With a screw driver.Will it be ok to use with the holes.I think it should be ok oce the loose bits are secured or removed.but wanted to check.Any suggestions as to repairs or replacement would also be useful.
And clean up the copper edges

I agree with I_Forgot that the hole itself will hardly matter (once the diaphragm is replaced, of course), but I would add that you should make sure that there is no copper plating on the stator exposed at the edge of the hole, particularly if it is ragged and sharp, as this will invite continued arcing. Charges concentrate as points of high curvature, such as on a sharp burr. Better to carefully use a tool like a Dremel to de-burr the copper edge and perhaps abrade it back a bit so that only the PC insulator material defines the hole's edge. Look at all the original stator PC holes and how the copper layer is etched back from the hole having a slightly larger etched diameter than the drilled hole. You may need to use some “corona dope”, a high voltage insulator goop that you can dab just on the copper edges if you still have arcing problems.