Esl testing - what software?

Hi All,

I'm building an esl which will be ready to listen to very soon and I would like to test it professionally to see how it compares to others like quads?

I usually listen to then with a mic plugged into a scope with a wave generator plugged into the transformers.

How do you test yours?


2004-04-14 10:51 pm
Maine, USA
Damn, Few. I do that too. I've got it on my website to share, but it's a bit rough around the edges.

Yeah, mine is rough around the edges, rough down the middle---pretty much rough through and through. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience getting it to do what I wanted so I figure that's part of the fun. I implemented the exponential sweep approach which made me feel all state of the art-ish at the time. It looks like you've got quite an eclectic collection of LabVIEW vi's on your website! I have to admit I'm a bit out of practice with the LabVIEW coding. Time to improve my chops.