Eros tweeter substitution

mlankton said:
I am thinking about building 2 sets of these. This will be my first diy project. I am leaning toward substituting the Vifa PL27TG-35-06 for the recommended Scan Speak tweeter, and just wanted to know if anyone had anything to say about the wisdom or lack thereof of doing so.

"lack there of" im affriad. The kit has been designed round the SS95 and therefore wont work well or aswell with the PL27. The frequency response & impedance of the 95 is different from the PL so you will end up with differences.

There is wisdom behind this IF you are designing the speakers yourself and can gurantee a good design. This way you save money, which is probably why you want to do this anyway.

What are the two sets to be used for anyway?
I see, so the difference between five scans and five vifas will make quite a difference to the overall price.

I would recommend building the eros as is for the fronts and eros side mounted for the centre. The same sound accross the fronts and centre is meant to be really important. I would say its safe to drop the scan tweeter for the vifa in the rears because they are of much less importance.

If you dont want to do this then I would recommend looking for another kit to build.