EQ tools for Windows


2007-03-22 3:43 pm
FYI, there are couple utilities for Windows for to EQ the sound:

Room EQ Wizard (REW) - REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software

EqualizerAPO, a system-wide parametric equalizer for Windows Vista/7/8/- Equalizer APO | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net

Additionally, I have released couple freeware GUI software for to expand usage of EqualizerAPO.

EQ31GUI-2 - a 2-channel 1/3 oct Graphics EQ

PEQGUI-10MC - a Multichannel 10-band Parametric EQ

More info + downloads at - Home


2011-12-02 9:24 am
Thanks Jiiteepee. Just what I was looking for.

EqualizerAPO is a great bit of software as it works seemlessly with REW and the inexpensive UMIK-1.

I find myselve having to change the config.txt often when I change between speakers to headphones (several of them). So I've made a little desktop "switch board" to switch between profiles with a single mouse click. As I'm not able to measure my headphones with the UMIK-1, your PEQGUI comes in very handy.


2007-03-22 3:43 pm
Just released another GUI for EqualizerAPO users. This is 10-band Full Parametric EQ with Multi Channel support.


More info + downloads at - Home


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2009-10-08 10:29 pm
New Zealand
Keep up the good work - at the moment I am busy with another project but this will be next on my list.

Hopefully my USB Samson Go-Mic will play nice with the REW software. Lots of study to do in the idle hours in the meantime - last time I looked (several years ago) it was still not within my reach and I shelved it. Time to pick it up now.