Epik Monitor Systems, Walnut Creek CA Help

Does anyone here know anything about the speaker company that is no longer around, Epik Monitor Systems? They were in Walnut Creek CA back in the 90's I believe.

I've got a pair of their Monitor Sr. speakers that I am working on for the original owner and need some input on what they were doing with this very large Transmission Line speaker.

These are very well made and were costly when new at $3,500. They are a 3-way using a 8" Scan Speak woofer that I just got rebuilt at Speaker Repair Pros. The spec sheet/brochure I have suggests these are supposed to go pretty deep and I'm just not hearing it. Considering their size at 55" tall and 16" x 16" at 225lbs each, they should. Would like to know if the original designers are still around somewhere and maybe talk to them about how things are supposed to be.

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