English language book on electronics for trainees

This is not exactly diy but the forum is the only way for me to address a number of persons who are into electronics and may have had to teach younger ones the basics.
And - are native speakers of the English language.
The apprentices in the company I am working in have trouble finding what they need on the internet. The main reason being that most of the better sites are in English.
When I was younger (no internet then) I really liked the way the books published by the semiconductor makers could explain technical issues in depth and logically. Think of the Unitrode books for example. Compare that to the Siemens books of the time and you know what I am talking about.
So my idea was: Give the youngsters in the company a book that is in English so they learn all the technical terms and is written in that concise and pleasant way that I liked about those US publications of the 80s.
I am looking for a beginner´s book that should cover most of the building blocks for electricity and electronics. From generators and transformers to light bulbs, motors etc. Resistors, capacitors, inductors, Ohm´s law, Kirchhoff´s law. Logic blocks.
You know all the topics you have (had) to learn as an apprentice/trainee. Not what you learn at university.
Can you recommend such a book?
Availability should not be a problem in the Amazon era.