Engineering question (BJT and MOSFET)


2010-11-02 9:08 am
lazy to read the intro? my specific question appears below the dotted line.

Okay I know I'm not posting in an Engineering forum per se (concepts), but I'm looking for a good answer for some work I'm doing as well as my own knowledge. I'm writing a lab report on single stage BJT and MOSFET amplifiers. I'm currently discussing differences in properties and pros/cons of using each.


Can you please mention some comparisons, especially WHY BJTs offer a larger small signal-source voltage gain Av? Free to use formulas, small signal models, etc in your explanation.

My data:
In my lab, the Common-Drain and Common-Collector amplifier both offered around 0.9 gain. In other words giving me about a unity gain. While the difference between Common-Emitter and Common-Source was 73 vs. -19.

(So you can best answer me according to my level, I'm an Electrical/Computer undergraduate in my junior year)