Energy Veritas Crossover Tweak

Im a newbie here. I joined a few weeks ago and have been reading posts. I have an issue with my speakers. First here Is my setup..

Energy Veritas 2.3
Sim Audio I3
Modified Denon 3910 Upgrade Company
Rotel RB 1080 power Amp

Im trying to squeeze out more bass somehow outa my speakers and the midrange seems to be recessesed. The simple solution would be to buy new ones but I dont have that kinda cash right now.
I was using the Energy RC-50's and they had more base and a warmer midrange. The down side Is they sound muddy to me.

Question: Can I get more bass and go from a neutral midrange to a warmer one with a cross over upgrade?


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2010-11-18 7:21 pm
in the woofer section of this crossover circuit, what are those very large value (1200uF) bipolar capacitors doing?

is there any benefit in upgrading those?

how do bipolar (vs non-polorized) capacitor behave in a crossover? (for example in the midrange of this example)


I was thinking... the woofers have dual voice coils, is it related to that?
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2010-11-18 7:21 pm
add a martin logan descent i :) !!!

I use a depth i & it blends awesome with my veritas 2.2i's

how did you get that crossover diagram? I'm looking for an i series diagram, they beefed up the crossovers to the woofers- the mid/tweeet is the same (i think)

also, beware... energy came out with the i series to re-do the woofers in the veritas... the originals are wimpy & run out of power

the i woofers are overbuilt & look awesome (huge heatsinks & dual voice coils)
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