Enclosure Tang Band W8 1772


2019-12-12 7:54 am
Hi, my name is John and I write from Italy. First of all, I apologize for my English language. I have carefully followed the literature that can be found on the web about Bob Brines' projects. Too bad he retired. I would like to know if anyone can tell me where to find the enclosure plans for the speacker Tang Band W8-1772 fullrange. Thank you all
I can't help you with Bob's plans, but his enclosure is a BR/MLTL design. I have my W8-1772's in a similar ported enclosure and they sound very nice. I've been listening to them for years as my main speakers.

Before that I had them in a half chang (back loaded horn) enclosure and that worked well too.

The half chang and Bob's enclosure were both originally designed for the Fostex 207e; so the Tang Band is a very close drop in for that driver.

There is also a back loaded horn design posted by Tang Band as well.

There may be a few useful tidbits in this thread about the enclosure....things like BSC component values and a few other things.

Tang Band W8-1772 Impressions.
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