Enclosure New construction

If I tune enclosure to get the resonant frequency to be the same or close to that of my sub, am I in good shape? While also matching vas? Thanks for any help and apologies for ignorance new to it all but wanna get it right notheless.. thanks again
Box External Dimensions
Width x Height x Depth 24.00" x 13.50" x 17.31"
Material Thickness 0.75"
Net Internal Volume 1.89 ft3
Total Internal Volume 2.47 ft3
Tuning Frequency 32 Hz
Port Area 24.75 inch2
Port Inlet Width x Height 2.06" x 12.00"
Port Length 28.38"
Port Displacement 0.51 ft3

Driver spec
Boss p126dvc

Impedance Dual 4 Ω
Resonant Frequency 31 Hz
Qts 0.517
Qms 4.99
Qes 0.577
Vas 2.472 ft³ (69.9 liters)
Xmax 8 mm
Sensitivity (1 W/ 1 m) 84 dB
Peak Power Handling 2300 W