EMT TSD-15 cartridge

Dear Analogue Friends!

Has anyone compared the EMT TSD-15 cartridge to the later TSD-15 SFL model? I´m very interested in listening impressions between the two models, since I am considering to buy this cartridge.

Thanks in advance!

In december I had the possibility to purchase an EMT 930 turntable. The original cartridge was not included, and the edition I have is without the EMT 155 riaa.

At the moment I use the DL-103 cartridge. This combination plays with a lovely present sound in my set-up: RCA type riaa, 2A3 SE amp, Philips 2278 vintage 12" drivers (shown in my recent introduction).

The DL-103 cartridge has a little to long overhang when mounted in the TDU headshell on the 930, but I heard that this is not extremely critical since the stylus is conical. Any comments on that?