EMT 929 anti-skating weight

Greetings- I'm looking for instructions on how to properly install the small hanging anti-skating weight on an EMT 929 arm, mounted on a EMT 948 table. Yes, I've been to Stephano's website as well as every other place that I could think of and I haven't found a clear image (or instructions) on how to mount the weight. It is a small (8mm diameter) metal cylinder suspended on a 50 mm long clear thread connected to a 15mm clear disk approximately 1 mm thick. I can see where I think it goes, but can't figure out where to "anchor" it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your consideration. regards, wpod
Some pictures of EMT929


The antiskating weight is tied to the string which goes around a notch on the metal strip, which is attached at the base of the arm. Then this string goes thru an 'eye' at the end of a stiff wire, which is attached to the support of the arm base. After that the string goes thru a hole in the table, & is finally attached to the weight itself.

Here are some pictures of the anti-skating weight for 929 arm on my EMT930. I presume 948 will have similar set-up. Let me know if you need more pics or explanation.


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Thats it! Thank you!

Hello- Thanks so much for posting those pictures, the setup on my 948 is nearly identical except that the tiny clear disc actually sits in a "chamfered" circle surrounding the hole at the back of the tonearm board. That is what kept throwing me off, as my only other experience is with an SME anti skating weight, which as you know , dangles from a wayrod and hangs ABOVE the deck. I knew that the end of the clear thread had to fit in one of those three notches, but just couldn't see well enough to notice that the hole went all the way through armboard. Once again, I greatly appreciate your help. regards, wpod