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Eminent Technology LFT-8a pair .

A fine pair of Eminent Technology LFT-8a for sale.
$ 700.00 firm
Local pickup only.
My area code is 98591. which is Toledo WA area.
These have been gently ran by a 22w 300B PP amp. Bring a amp of choice to try them out, they are excellent condition with no issue. They like 75w min SS power, but a good 50w tube amp could do them justice. Great female vocal speakers.
Ask any questions you might have.
Thanks J & G


2006-02-16 10:49 am
Great pair of speakers here. I have a pair myself, and have been planning on selling them as well.. but only because of my being consumed with DIY fairly recently, along with a curiosity for trying different things. On the other hand, I've been 'planning' on selling them for well over a year now, and still haven't quite been able to bring myself to doing it. As with any other speaker in existence, they're not perfect, but hey definitely have some unique sought-after qualities, and they do them very well. And for a very reasonable price too. :)
Yes, I was very hesistant to sell these also. The attributes they do well are sublime. I thought to run them in wifes house, long story... with a large SS amp & DHT pre. If they don't sell this is what I'll do. I am such a DIY nut now though it is hard to use commercial gear as I want to always use my stuff, which I do.
These are a great way for someone to get extra speacial female vocals & even rock the house with big SS if wanted.