Eminence PSD 3014?

So these psd3014-16 are on closeout special at the Eminence site on Reverb for $79.99 if anyone is interested…..I picked up a couple and some H14EA horns to try out (the unable to pass up a bargain disease!)
Theres hardly any information about them on the web?


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What else do you need to know? I mean with a 411 Hz Fs/800 Hz power rating it's a 'brute force' PA horn driver just as advertised, so for HIFI/HT apps it can be used much lower and at typical fractional power will be very low distortion IF the horn is large enough.

Consider Altec/GPA's 802-8G 1" exit driver with a measured ~686 Hz Fs does just fine @ Altec's rated 500 Hz/2nd* on its 511 expo sectoral horn (~200 Hz eff. cutoff) and IME @ 800 Hz/2nd on a pure (conical/parabolic) DIY WG.

*a few disagree, but easily tweaked to 'taste' ;)
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Got them today, didn’t realize how big/heavy they were (Even though it said it right there in the specs) good thing these H14EA horns are stout (1/4” thick cast aluminum) I’ll put them in the round tuit pile …….probably be a couple weeks before I can play with them. :cool:

Dollar bill for scale


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