emg pickups and the fake log pot trick

Hello travis,

yes, you can use this method with active pickups also.

However, most EMG pickups have output impedance of about 10 kOhm, which is close to the one of passive pickups. So I would recommend not to lower pot's value. I think standart 500k pot with 100-200k resistor will be OK for this.

Good luck!!!

Logo Color Silver
Resonant Frequency (kHz) 2.25
RMS Output Voltage 1.25
Peak Output Voltage 1.75
Output Noise (dBV) -91
Output Impedance (Kohm) 10
Current @ 9V (Microamps) 80
Battery Life (Hours) 3000

Installation Notes
• The controls included with EMG systems are 25K Ohm, Audio Taper. This value of pot is required for the system to work properly. A 250K or 500K volume or tone pot will not work properly.

yes, they are 10kohms, so why does the site say "use 25k pots"?

i'll probably just reuse the stupid log pots that are already in there so that i don't have to go to the store.