Emerald physics 100.2SE

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I had constructed both, tube, SS linear amps and Class D units, with some time between them. Clearly they are all different technologies with its own pros and cons. Class D are designed for economy of components, smaller size and heat sinks, size, wheight and cost. Their tube counterparts are expensive, large, bulky and generates lots of heat, but they are unequable in the sound they can give, including simple pentode output at tube radio/phonograph/televisors, that rarely had NFB and gave us lots of fun, happy and good moments. I speak particularly from the old shortwave radio receivers I used to listen. Some modern class D amps and SS linear with lots of NFB several times, listen to them cause fatigue. Mainly those car amps with lots of Boom boom sound. Puaj, give me nausea.
Yes, I’m well aware of what the differences are supposed to be.

There are tube amps that sound more like SS and vice versa.....this was the first time I’d ever heard a class D equated to tubes.

Was wondering if it’s BS or EP is on to something......the website drips snake oil but was looking for first hand knowledge. One never knows!
Sorry.......Wondering if it’s bull excrement or is Emerald physics on to something.

Emerald Physics EP100.2SE Stereo Power Amplifier | 10 Audio

Doesn’t look like much under the hood.

That's the kind of review that imparts negative information I'm afraid. No measurements, load of flowery nonsense adjectives, no use to anyone.

From the picture its probably a competent class D budget circuit, nothing special, sold for 10 times its value (toroidal aside). The box external design is pretty gross.
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One look at the picture of the inside and you can tell it's really just a chip amp of some kind ... on a guess a TPA3255 ... or something similar.

Not much of an engineering challenge... and especially not for the price.

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Opened mine up - It has an NXP TDA8954 chip (not the smd type). I actually really like mine. It sounds different - clean, quiet. Great on my Maggies, not so much on ESLs (drops in / out after a while)

I have bought a pair of these $20 TDA8954 (smd not through hole) all in modules off ebay (just add tranny) and sounds pretty bad - high pitch noise on both dual channel modules...just plain bad. I am removing the FB rectifers and caps hoping its the culprit. If I can get these $20 jobbies to sound as good as the 100.2 I will be happy.
I had an ep100.2. They are regularly available for that $799 price second hand. They never sell at full msrp new. They use a toroid power supply instead of smps as most class d do. The chassis looked very nice and was thick. They sounded very neutral to me, didn’t really do anything special. I got rid of mine because the toroid had a mechanical hum and I use my gear on my desk so it was audible where I sit. I believe they use a hypex UCD design but I could be wrong about that.
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