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Elna Silmic capacitors

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Hi, this is a plea to save me any more fruitless searching.
I need 6 Elna Silmic electrolytics 220uf 35 volt for my Alephs.
does anyone know of a supplier that actually has any of these in stock? ( I also need Holco resistors)
I've tried two suppliers in the U.K, they were both out of Silmic caps, and had no idea when they might be aquiring more.
Thanks, Jules


Also try Schuro.de I believe they stock ELNA Silmic caps.
If not try THLAudio.com. I recently enquired regarding prices and for an ELNA SILMIC ARS(!) they have quoted me 105NT$ for 220u @ 50v.

Prices appear to be ok but I guess you need to factor in shipping costs from the far east.

I hope that is a little helpful to you.

Thanks for the Audiograde link Geoff, I had no idea that there are reasonable prices available in the UK. Any more?

Nick is right that RS does stock the ELNA Starget caps, but what is the quality of Starget caps like?
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