Elliot's DOZ for headphones

Well, i want to incorporate a headphone amp inside my preamp, and spent a while looking for some posibilities. The first one i considered was the THS6012 based one (a high speed opamp designed for ADSL, *impressive* specs!), but it's just too irksome to implement, being a SMD chip.

So, now i'm focusing on this design. Looks quite simple, and reminiscent of the JLH series (perhaps that's why i like it), and if it sounds half as good as the JLH, i'm set. Has anyone tried this design? Comments? Feedback? All appreciated! :D


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
Forgot to mention: I have a +/- power supply, so I'm building one channel of the DoZ to run off a negative supply. Using complementary transistors, reversing caps, etc. This was the way I was going to build it up for a headphone amp, running off a +/- 25V supply.
If you're building this into a preamp, you might also consider just an op-amp like the OPA2134 (you can parallel them for more output current), or a boosted version using something like the BUF634. Ideas abound at the headwize site. Your choice may depend on how much power supply you have, and what headphones you are driving.

Greg Erskine

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2002-01-05 11:56 pm

I'm no expert but "building one channel of the DoZ to run off a negative supply" seems more complicated than just paralleling up the output to give +25v with twice the current.

I'm building a DoZ as well but haven't thought much about the PS yet. I was planning to run it from my existing +25 0 -25 volt PS, bugger. :)

Hello, time ago I built a simple headphone amp, with great results, in my opinion.
The "inspiration"? The Pass' Zen, of course.
You can find it at this URL:


Maybe I will publish the whole project in Headwize projects section, as soon as possible.