Elliot's 60W AB amp


2001-04-29 4:31 pm
I'm planning on this being my second project (my first one was a bottlenecks foreplay pre-amp kit), and I am a newbie when it comes to schematics. I'm looking at the power supply designed for the amp and I see two outputs, hence the name dual power supply. When I look at the schematic for the amp I only see a +35V and -35V input. Am I missing something? Also, Elliot suggests using a transformer with a 28VCT, would using a 30VCT be acceptable?
Here's the link to the projects:
The dual power supply refers to the fact that it has both positive and negative output voltages. The power supply schematic shows two positive outputs and two negative ones since it is designed to feed a pair of stereo amplifiers, so there are two dual (+/-) outputs, one for each amp.

A transformer with a 30-0-30 volt secondary (or two separate 30V windings) will be fine for this project.