Elliot P3A question...

Well, I'm going to build a Rod Elliot P3A amp as soon as I match all my transistors :( but I've only got one question... In the P3A article he says that 300VA would be fine for a pair of amps. Does everyone agree with this? It seems rather low, and I'll be running it with a 4 ohm load and I'd obviously like as much power as possible.

Are there any other sudjestions on the VA of transformer I should use per channel?


2001-06-01 4:53 pm
I'd be more worried about the dissipation of the output transistors, especially into a 4-ohm load. Rod has some very specific recommendations about voltage maximum for 4-ohm loads. You can parallel more output transistors; I know he suggested this in the previous (project 3) version.
I'm very pleased with this amp, JoeBob, when you're done see if you can tell the difference with the LM3886 one you built. I can.
Rod doesn't specify the need for an inductor at any rail voltage. My rails are actually at about 45V at idle, and I haven't run into any stability issues with the 0R47 output resistors and the specified zobel network.

I've put a page up that has some info on building the P3A, and the supply that I am currently (re)building.