Elipson 1303 woofer polarity


2018-06-17 9:38 pm
I recently refoamed the woofers on my Elipson 1303, and I noticed that in one speaker was wired in phase and in the other out of phase.
I believe it should be out of phase since the woofer is facing its chamber (unlike most speakers), and the in-phase woofer looks to have been taken out before.

Can someone confirm that these woofers should be out of phase?
The bass sounds fine and well controlled, but does not go as low as the bass in my Epicure tower speakers.
Could be that Elipson are rated down to 40 hz and Epicure down to 30 hz.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
The attached crossover schematic would appear to suggest that all the drivers are connected in the same phase, but this may be an entirely different version to yours!


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You do not need measurement equipment to test. Just a battery. Stereo speakers should always be wired the same for both in the pair. It is possible a woofer can be mislabeled. You can check the polarity of the woofer using a battery (3-9V) and observer the direction the cone moves. Convention is + to + should give a forward movement to the cone. You can reverse both to see if it sounds more balanced in the midbase/lower midrange. A correct schematic would be most definitive.