ELEKIT TU-8900 2A3/300B


2021-10-07 8:35 pm
Again, thanks. I'm looking into a pair of Totem speakers, either the Sky or Signature One: both have slightly better sensitivity than the 686s:
The B&Ws are rated at 84 dB (2,83 V/1 m); The Totem Sky are rated at 87 dB/W/m - as are the Signature Ones. I have a family member who has been selling high-end audio equipment for decades to people with a lot of money to spend - he recommends these as the best in their price range, partly as they use Dynaudio (Made in Denmark) bass drivers that have been used in many reference speakers for over 30 years. Will see what I can come up with.
A bit of an update. I ended up selecting a pair of Focal Aria 906b speakers after a local dealer kindly allowed me to try them out alongside a Dynaudio pair with my 8200 amp. They are simply phenomenal with both the 8200 and that much better with the 8900.
Even better, the dealer was using an Aurilac Altair G1 streamer / DAC for the demo. While certainly pricey - over 3000 USD new - he gave me a 30% discount for the demo model. It boosts the quality of the listening experience even more - let's say >20% - especially when streaming from high resolution sources such as Tidal or (in my case) Qobuz. The upshot is one of the two or three most astonishing listening experiences in my life - the other(s) with a very high-end installation of Macintosh monoblock amps and well matched speakers, a setup costing easily 30k USD or more.