ELEKIT TU-8600S Available in July 2020

In 2019, TU-8600 300B was selected as the Stereophile Recommended Components, the first kit amp picked and reviewed by Sterophile.

The new TU-8600S 300B amp has a lot more improvements from its predecessors (TU-8600E (2017) and TU-8600R (2018-19)).
TU-8600S will be available in July 2020. This time, TU-8600S will be available to North America before the release in Japan in September 2020.

Some highlights:

- Mr Fujita slightly modified the B+ power supply section, while keeping the same amplification circuit to further enhance the sound quality and the stability of the amp.

- Mr Lundahl redesigned the output transformer with the know-how from LL2783C to make LL2785B/60mA for the new TU-8600S.

- The noise level of TU-8600 is very very low..........amazing design indeed!

TU-8600S 300B is not a Hi-Fi amp. Hi-Fi amps will only give you dramatic, high and low sound, missing the nuances and intricacies that TU-8600 can provide for you.

TU-8600S 300B is a two-way communication amp, meaning that you can:
1) hear the fine details of the performance
2) and simultaneously, you will echo back to the music.

There are so many TU-8600 300B owners that can share their delight with you.

Gramophone Dreams #27: EleKit TU-8600R Amplifier Kit
Herb Reichert | Apr 4, 2019

"...musically and sonically satisfied me as much as if they cost $26,000...."

Gramophone Dreams #27: EleKit TU-8600R amplifier kit Page 2 | Stereophile.com

WE will offer pre-order in the coming few weeks (closed). This is the last production of TU-8600S
Pre-order Items..
1. TU-8600S with Lundahl LLLL2785B
2. Mundorf Supreme Silver Gold
3. Vcap copper
4. Vcap Odam
5. Takman 2% Carbon
6. TKD 2CP601 with conversion kit
7. WBT 805 Silver solder
WE 300B
300B HI FI
Elekit tube set options

This is the TU-8600S main mother board (just received today)

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Here is the feekback from Mr Fujita...
The OPT is working no problem.
We just listened to it and the sound quality is superb.
Each instrument is extremely clearly output and
the music sounds very sophisticated.
All of us liked it very much.
Now we are changing the caps to your V-caps
and see how much the sound changes.
Am I correct on this new elekit has an auto electrical self-adjusting bias? similar to the primaluna adaptive autobias?

New ELEKIT TU-8600s
Adopting active auto bias method For the bias of 300B, a power supply for bias is prepared separately, and the "new active auto bias" method that automatically adjusts the negative voltage of the grid by detecting the plate current is adopted. In addition to the "goodness" of the self-bias method and the fixed bias method, the sound quality is improved by moving the current detection circuit to the B voltage side instead of the cathode side.
Feedback from David M
Man, I don't know if it's the transformers or the capacitors, but this thing is really opening up now. It seemed like the highs were a bit recessed before, but now this thing has fantastic high-end extension. So lively and musical. Not at all like my other 300B amps (which I am now selling). I can't go on and off about how much I love this thing. It's almost hard to listen to some of my other amps now.
Has anyone listened or measured the amp built with the Takman carbon resistors?
I'm worried about the noise (carbon resistors are notorious for noise, distortion, and drift, as compared to metal films). I just started building my amp, and it would be a PITA to replace so many resistors if I don't like them. My speakers have very high efficiency so I'm especially nervous about noise.