Elekit TU-8500DX Selector switch issue


2018-12-26 3:35 am
I completed my build of the TU-8500DX and when testing the kit I discovered that I have an issue with SW2 (Input Select); the Rotary Switch used to select the line input. The problem is not a build problem but a defective part.

The unit works perfectly well on Line 1, 2 and phono, however on line 3 only one channel has audio. If I manipulate SW2 slightly away from the "indent" point for line 3 input then I can get audio on both channels on line 3.

What I need is a replacement SW 2 Rotary Switch to fix this problem. Could Elekit arrange for me to receive a replacement switch or send me a part number so I can obtain a new switch from a local supplier?

As an aside the Pre-Amp works really well otherwise, very happy, easy build and sounds great paired with my Elekit TU-8600R 300B Power Amplifier (with Lundahl xFormers).