Elekit Tu-8500 + LITE MV06


I would like to add remote module - LITE MV06 to my Elekit TU-8500.

Input selectors are not a problem since i wil just simply connect them instead of rotary switch inputs.
I'm not so sure in terms of volume. Original potentiometer has 50k but on remote module there is 100k ALPS.

So my questions is - should i change any resistor (R35-R38) value to fit same characteristic like it was on 50k pot or there is no reason to change anything?

Here is volume diagram:

Full circuit diagram:

Thanks in advance.
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The max. grid resistor value is 1M for both 12AT7 and 12AU7 so you should be fine with a 100k pot. The noise will be very slightly higher, the HF bandwidth slighly lower, and the attenuation curve will change (a bit lower volume at the same setting except for the zero and max levels).
I was enagaged in other project so i didnt fully start elekit project. Now i'm prototyping new case for it and hopefully project will be ready in next couple of weeks. It's more complicated since i would like to add v-meters like McIntosh does. Also i'm thinking now about adding tone board for digital section also.

Prototype draft version:



Tone board:
Tone Board: Hi-Res Audio Board Designed for Music Fanatic.
Audioscience review :
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That's quite ambitious. Keep us posted.

If I can get the remote volume & display done (parts ordered) think I'll look into adding Lundahl SUTs to the MC inputs at some point.

As Victor works with Lundahl for the Elekit amp OPTs, perhaps he would be interested in coming up with an optional kit for their SUTs?

I will repeat that the TU-8500 is a terrific piece and am very pleased every time I listen to it. :yes:
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