"electronic" music

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Hey all,

Since there are different threads about Blues, Jazz, etc, I decided to start a new thread discussing personal likes/ dislikes concerning "electronic" music.

My personal favourites are:

DR Israel : ragga/Drum'n'Bass/Dub band from NY
Dub War : same influences as Dr Israel, but more aggressive tracks. Unfortunately, they split up 2 or 3 years ago.

Just to mention two of my actual favourites.

We can also as well discuss about a definition for the term"electronic" music.
My feeling is that a lot of Electronic music today has been heavily influenced by KraftWerk, going back to and beyond Trans Europe Express.

A lot of the basic beats in todays E-Music were laid down by KraftWerk way back when.

When I think of Electronic I include a lot of what some people think of as Acid Jazz like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Grey Boy and Portishead.

Some of the discs are excellent recordings, KraftWerks "Electric Cafe" is good music very well recorded as is "Computer Welt".

One of my faviorites is Brian Eno's "Music For Films", errie haunting.

Tony D.
Donna SUmmer?????

Peter Daniel said:
Would you agree that all which is described as electronic music today started with Donna Summer and "I Feel Love" track back in '70s?;)

Unfortunately, I haven't heard that track yet.Could you explain your choice more precisely?

Same thing with Devo, but the name rings at least some bell........

But regarding Kraftwerk I agree with you (although I'm not their biggest fan).

Jean said:

I call it techno.

It is too simplified. There is as many trends and types in electronic music as in the rest, you refer as pop/rock/rap/alternative/country;)

I probably have about 1,500 CDs and more than 60% is electronic music.

I maybe have 500 records and only 5% is electronic music. Guess why I'm selling my TT.;)
Peter Daniel said:
Webster says:

Electronic music: musical compositions created for tape recording by electronic devices in a laboratory.

Change few words with better ones and you might get it right.;)

Hey, that was already a quite good one!

I'd say: "recordings, that get a special touch (character??) by involving electronic devices wether to create sounds or alter them in a significant way"

Of course one could say, well that when Michael Jackson or whoever nowadays goes to a studio in order to record, loads of "electronic devices" are used to improve the performance.

But I hope you got my idea.
Re: Re: the ill **** cumin' from Grrrrmany

Peter Daniel said:

No. Is it like Shonen Knife from Japan emulating the sound of Ramones?;)

You're closer to the truth than you suppose.

They call it "digital hardcore"

distorted guitars, shouting & weird beats programmed on an Atari, put together with a real "punk" attitude.
They named one of their albums "destroy 2000 years of culture".

Check them out, they're funny as Hell.....

I don't know all the bands you mentioned........
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