Electronic "Low pass only" X-over

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I Have been looking for weeks for a variable electronic low pass Crossover! I can't find anyone under the sun who makes one other than a Crappy 12Volt Lanzar X-over.

I have some large Crown amps that I want to use on my OB subs-So I need a variable x-over

All sub plate amps have this feature but I can find a stand alone piece for this application

I don't want to buy a Pro-sound Active X-over just to cut the subs off.

I've almost come to the conclusion that I will have to build the darn thing, I have never built an Active piece of EQ so I was hoping to find a kit or somebody Like Marchand who builds one of these.

Any Ideas or Help would be great.
Although Digi-key have started selling in the UK now, I usually use more traditional UK based retailers. However, I always use common and standard parts in my designs so I don't see why there would be any problem getting them from Digi-key.

If you have never built a project, have a practice soldering scrap or surplus components on veroboard, and do a little reading up. It's not that bad when you have a layout to follow and a little experience.
So the sub controller looks like a Stereo in and Mono out is that correct? I am using Stereo subs so I would assume I would need to build 2 of these.

It looks a bit daunting but I might be able to work my way through.
Your site says coming soon is there going to be a picture of the finished product.

On the Component side view will there be labels of which component goes where? or do you just have to know how to read the Schematic.

The most complicated electronic piece I've done was a 12db 2 way X-over done point to point on a home made board.
Coming soon, yes I haven't updated the project information fully yet. Yes there will be a detailed component overlay, it's blank at present.

You would need two for stereo. But if your crossover frequency is below 80Hz you will be fine with a mono signal driving two subs, so you would only need one in that case.

I have one spare PCB as I made it for somebody else who then didn't need it. It's just a home made PCB with no legend. I have found a PCB supplier, but I need to get the boards into a format they can take. This may be a while...
I use a modded VMPS active filter (only low pass 24 dB/oct) since many years. I don´t now id they sell them as a separate item today but there is a few words at the bottom of this page:


Mine has an adjustable cut off (corner) frequence. I have change the quad op amps from TL 74 to LT 1058CN (four of them). I also made mods to the power supply e.g. better rectifier diodes. A heat sink for one transistor that got rather hot was an obvious improvement.

This is not a cheap product and I now have the best bass from my big vented subs that I ever have had. Volt EV 3143 woofers in 200 lbs each enclosures and then Accutone C220 drivers in closed pentagonal cabinets reinforced with slate and granite. Crossover at about 80 Hz.
I would have gone for this:

Omnes Audio DBC 12 costs 355 Euro and is very flexible so that you can even choose the sloop for the low pass filter.

In my opinion there is no use for subsonic filters for a sub like yours . It will impair the phase response to no good.

If you use a record player a subsonic filter in the RIAA stepup amp may be a good thing.

Sorry; this is in German but ....


I think this is a good thing; Delay von 0 bis 300cm zur Kompensation von Laufzeitunterschieden

Delay to compensate for different ....(sorry too tired to translate from German to Enlish just now)
• Drei parametrische Equalizer mit –6dB bis +6dB Regelbereich

Three parametric Equalisers....

a good thing to be able not only to boost the bass response with these but to lower it as well as room modes are always there.
low pass crossover

the Omnes Audio DBC 12 looks interesting but 355 euro and you still need a power supply .
and it converts the signal from analog to digital and back to analog .

anyway it would be interesting to hear someone share their experience with it .
how does it differ from a behringer dcx 2496 in sound ?
One great feature is the remote control. As an alternative you can use it with a computer with a RS 232 or USB interface.

I don´t know the quality of sound as something will be lost because of the AD DA conversion.

The version with a built in class D power amp was reviewed in the German speaker building (mostly) magazine Klang+Ton
# 3 2006. This mag isn´t the most critical I´ve encountered but they do a good job I believe. They liked it.

Here´s the pricing from a German company called Iris Strassacker.
The power supply is only 9 Euro. ;)

Omnes Audio DPC 12-Subwoofer-Vorverstärker EUR 256,00
Omnes Audio DPC 12-Subwoofer-Vorverstärker / Stereo
(getrennt geführte Kanäle für 2 Subwoofer in Stereobetrieb) EUR 355,00
dazu das passende Netzteil mit 12V=, 500 mA, stabilisiert: EUR 9,00
Standard 9V Batterie für die Fernsteuerung (liegt leider nicht bei) EUR 3,80
falls Sie keine freie serielle Schnittstelle im PC haben: USB-Adapter EUR 18,00

A link to this company: www.lautsprechershop.de but please note this site is (like for some reason many German sites a bit primitive) Thus you have to click on (Verstärker) Subwoofer Module and then Omnes Audio (which company has its own web site at):http://oaudio.de/index.php/cat/c52_Audioprozessor.html/XTCsid/9uljjcsvf6874uu347m5cd35u7

Where there is in fact a short review. Can translate it some day, as there is late night here in Sweden and I will check the elections in the USA.

I have no interest in neigther company but is a bit curious about this product. I´m helping a friend to build laudspeakers and a sub and we may use the crossover with the power amp option.
Will look at the German forum where I´m a member as well to see if I can find out something about it.

The danish hi-fi guru Peter Lyngdorf advocates really steep sloops for the subs which he on the other hand uses up to about 300 Hz and in addition prefers to place them in the corners of the room. This requires DSP and Lyngdorf sold his interests in the Tact company and instead started the Lyngdorf Company, but room correction is still in focus.

As the Omnes crossover lets you use up to 36 dB/ octave filtering
you may be able to use the cheaper mono version?

BTW: here´s another advanced crossover....

http://groundsound.com/dcn23.html :cool:
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