electronic crossovers which to buy

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I am about to build another full range speaker system with powered bass units.
I'm planning on using my newly made simple se triode to run the full range unit, and my moscode amplifier for the bass unit.
I've looked at all the electronic crossovers I can find, and it seems like the features I want are all on the automobile electronic crossovers.
Unfortuneately, it must have rca jacks, and this eliminates almost all of the non auto crossovers.
I could build a simple power supply for it,
are car crossovers good?


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pforeman- a gentleman that I had met, musician and DIY audiophile had done the same with a 12v p/s and auto crossovers. I thought it sounded good. So yes it's doable and it does work- but I'm also curious to see what the experts weigh in. Only "down" side I could think of is that Auto sources generally have a higher voltage in the RCA, not sure if that affects the distortion or SQ.
It has a article on it and the layout for the main board,and a BOM, I don't know if a kit is available for it ,
I built mine from scratch using that article,:hypno2:

From Pforeman's first post I assumed he was looking for a kit or pre-made crossover. I got excited from the link in your post that there was a kit with the metal work already done. Thats is the hard part for me.

Just my experience. I must first tell, that at home I listen classic vintage AR10pi speakers with built in crossover and must admit that I never tried active filter of any type at home. But I have live touring PA system......and one day I borrow nice BSS366t crossover. I was shocked. PA sounds not just better but like completely different, some other, new.......sound system. Sound was much cleaner and controlled. Less power for more dB........I don't want to write about phase problems......bla bla...and all other benefits.The result was that my wallet become lighter...:) Much lighter.
From that day I always vote for dsp. Of course quality one.
Best regards
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