Electromcompaniet AW100 Component Identification

A few years ago, my AW-100 developed an intermittent crackle in one channel that was annoying enough to be noticed, but infrequent enough to be really difficult to diagnose. I did the dry joint and freezing spray check. No luck.

I sent it to a technician who tried to get the service manual and lo and behold, EC stuck their Serial Numbers onto the amps with a paper sticker which has been lost to antiquity. The technician sent it back to me, and I have not had luck finding a matching schematic so far. I think this is a really early AW-100, based on the lack of PCB markings and the dried flux residue everywhere.

I was told to try replacing all the output stage Electrolytic Caps, which seem like low hanging fruit. But then I saw these mysterious components labelled: "1000 H" and "470 H". Does anyone know what are they, and if so are they worth restuffing?


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