Electrocube Caps

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Glad I got all that out of the way :)

Does anyone know where Electrocute caps (in small quantities) could be sourced?
Not a clue, but I have a high regard for them. They make a whole range, from very pedestrian, to very high performance. I've had quite a lot of success in calling manufacturers, explaining what I need and seeing if they'll recommend someone. Very often they'll be willing to supply a handful of parts as samples, or even break their rules and accept a small order. This has only worked for me if I call them directly. Email generally doesn't work. Obviously being as nice as possible has a big influence as well.
Will attempt contacting them directly. I actually contacted a distributor with a list of various values and quantities I considered sufficient to secure an order. The distributor not having stock came back quoting a minimum quantity of 100 for each value which would have had to be ordered from Electrocube. Would really like to get my ears on some of their polypropylene wrap or metalized series for signal and PS.

Thanks for the ideas