Electrocompaniet ECI-4???

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their schematic seems to be generic through the different amps they made...
so if you can get one genuine schematic, you can iterate according to your model parameters, power, supply voltage and so on..
basically, it s a triple serial differential...
electrocompaniet schematics are like the loch ness monster..
everybody talks about it, but no one seems to have really saw it..
the only schematic i managed to get seems right for the toplology
but wrong for some components values..
anyway, good luck..

Yes, I note the same. Please read more about this thread:
I think, the same problem there is also here by the ECI4.

Therefore I am not a very great admirer of this devices.
At least all older models needs redesign in some aeras, both regarded the electronic components so as the circuit and layout design.

Even if someone here post a circuit diagram, one should make his own schematic and accurately compare with the original printed version.
Any detected differences should be resolved.
And deficiencies in circuit design should also be respected.
The reasons for darkened PCB aeras (hot spots through thermal overheating) should be also resolved (by newer versions of AW100 often to observe).
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Thanks guys for the responses! I need the schematic to fix one of the blown channel of the ECI-4, everywhere else is working fine, just need the values to get replacement parts. If I can't get it, I guess I will just drop it on Agon for sale as is for a few hundred bucks. Unit in mint shape cosmetically, what a shame...
I recall, that I could download all schematics of Electrocompaniet's amplifiers by Mr. Terje Sandstrøm's website
after update and remoooove all schematics changing in follow address:
The Sandstrm Audio Site

I ask him why and in his reply I read his justification:
Hi ! Regretfully current policies at EC says that the schematics shall be not made public. They are therefore also removed from my site, even for the older amplifiers. This may of course be changed in the future, but I have no timeline on this. Best regards Terje

Perhaps you have success to get a schematic, when you contact him directly.
Isn't he not even a diyaudio member?

An other possibility it could be, to find a webarchive service to download the schematics there. Unfortunately about http://www.archive.org/web/web.php
I haven't success. But perhaps there are more such portals. He knows more about this?
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help needed

Hi I need help in my effort to restore this eci 4
it burned out one channel drivers and with it several resitors
I need the schematic or value of the components
Much appreciated Tom


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i have ECI-4 after big repair, now it is working, but right channel is running much hotter compared to left, can somebody help me with any info what to ajust and what/where to measure and how much? there is two pairs of potentiometers: R7 + R107 (preamp?) and R37 + R137. Thanks!
I found some information about R7+R107 - ajusting DC voltage at P1+P2 and P3+P4 to 0. Left channel had almost 0, right channel was 0,2v. Now both ajusted to 0. Two other potentiometers are for idling current, but how much and where to measure? Right channel is still hotter...
I'm servicing an ECI-4 that was shipped to me for repair from across the US.
Q22, Q21, Q17, Q23, and Q24 are shorted and have leads melted. Those I can replace, but there are a couple of resistors that are burnt beyond recognition and I need to find out the values thereof.

I wrote to Electrocompaniet with a Norwegian translation, requesting schematic, but in over a week have not heard back.

Has anyone had any breakthroughs?
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