Electrocompaniet Ampliwire 100 With Issues

I've got one with issues, I'm WAY out of my comfort zone (just finished fixing a Marantz 2330B but I had the crutch of a SM and lots of internet archives).

Powering up on a 60W DBT bulb I got a malevolent glow but not being experienced with the amp I thought that moght not be enough current. Switching to a 100W DBT I got a puff of smoke (see pic for 220ΩX2), after disassembly I thought I found a shorted transistor but upon further review the trace is actually shorting them.

I'm pretty new but I don't think this is a thing?

I have the HFE schematic but I think I have the other one because they don't seem to marry up.

Anybody with AW100 experience is welcome to chime in.



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