"El Guapo" my silly TA8251AH project

I have no particular reason for building this amp other that I have about 10 of these chips I picked up in a lot I baught off ebay.

I need some help from those who might understand the datasheet better than I.

I have never seen this chip before, and I am a little puzzled by the mute and stby pins, and how to implement them. I also could use some advice on the output part (zobel values and such).

Here is the datasheet:
toshiba datasheet

And here is my design so far:

slackman said:
Mute control:
Pin 25 of chip must be pulled up with a resistor (5...10 k) to positive voltage. Then with a transistor you have to switch pin 25 as shown in page 5 of the datasheet. If the transistor gets active high on its base he will mute the circuit.


Ok, I am not sure I understand how that works, but If I want it never to be muted, can I simply put a 10K resistor between VCC and pin 25? Also, do I need to do anything with pins 1(SMOOTHING) and 10(RIP).
slackman said:
Standby control:

same as mute but reversed: pin 2 has to be pulled DOWN with a resistor and if pin 2 gets high, amp will go into standby (page 3 of datasheet)

Are you sure about that? I read it as it needs to be pulled up for "on" and down for "off/stby" , so if I had it connect to gnd the amp is in stby and if it is connected to V+ it is on.