Either a new speaker or no GF

Well ... lets see. DOes anyone know of any specs or remember anyone doing a nice looking TL sub ? If not i am going to make myself a dual 8" XLS Peerless sealed pair of .7 Q subs and paint them all frilly and pretty.

ORRRRrrrrrr i am going to dump this woman and become a celibate basement living tech freak who never comes out into the sun.:bawling:

Ok i am calm now :D
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Madmike2 said:
paint them all frilly and pretty.

Has girlfriend, likes her

Magura said:

Doesn't have girlfriend

minitruck_freq said:
i'd dump her

Doesn't have girlfriend either

jleaman said:
if you dump her and or break her heart you might not live long enought to listen to your speaker's.

Used to have girlfriend

planet10 said:
A pair of straigh TLs based on a sonotube or PVC pipe can be disguised as greecian columns...


> Keep your woman. Only she makes you the man you are even if she drives you crazy sometimes.

Ask her what colour she likes.

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Cal Weldon said:


> Keep your woman. Only she makes you the man you are even if she drives you crazy sometimes.

Ask her what colour she likes.



Rule of thumb: if a woman uses any adjective other than a color or some variant of "pretty" as the first descriptive term, you are on the wrong track.

"Hey honey, what kind of cars are you looking at anyway?"
"Oh, you know, blue, with tan interior..."

"How do you like the new speakers honey?"
"That wood looks nice!"

"Hey honey, how about this shirt with this tie?"
"Well (Pause) (insert ANY other words here)"
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Originally posted by Madmike2
wont those 'ring' hollow like when you talk through a long tube ? Or do i have to wrap them Anaconda like to nulifi this ?

PVC has to be damped... sonotubes are inherently well damped... since it is a TL you will have to stuff it to kill unwanted line resonances.

Well no one should have to break up with thier girlfriend over some speakers.... Unless she's psycho and hates bass or something.

But if you live in an apartment and she pays at least half the rent then she does have some say of what goes in there and you should always make sure she's OK with a new pair of speakers. Not to say that she will be excited about them as you will, but do show her that they make it sound better and she should have some appreciation for it. If she doesnt at least fake it, then I guess it is time to consider that second option.

If its your place.... do what you want. Be a man and show her who runs it!

If its entirely her place, praise god you have found a sugar momma and dont push your luck with the speakers!

Its ok :D a little love and some comprimise and we settled on this. I will do it in real wood. The layered plywood stuff with the good outside sheet. Know what i mean ? I have a good carpenter so ill get it miter cut and stuff to hide as much as possible. have to order 4 d10g from HI Vi now. Going to have a stereo pair. I dont want to bother trying to tame anything in my room with a bass reflex box and this is the best i can do sealed for under 600 bucks. All i need now is a good X-over 12 or 18 db for 100 hz and ill be set for a bit. Have to keep these Krk for a bit i guess.

Anyone know if the KRK Rokit 8's are using HI Vi ? If you look at my Pic thats a rokit 8 and i swear that it looks like the cheap Hi Vi 8 inch on the Solen website. Sealed enclosure Q is .656 Fb is 51 Hz. In room should satisfy all concerned. I know i satisfied all concerned. Now i have to run around and try and find sheets of 1 inch Pine and convince her THATS better looking then birch. hehe :smash:


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BassAwdyO said:

If its your place.... do what you want. Be a man and show her who runs it!


Its about sex man. I like sex....... with other people :D so i am going to be real nice. When she decides to fight me on something i lose. although she says that she loses because she has to punish me, which in turn punishes her. Bah .... i remember my dad saying that before he took the belt to me. "this is going to hurt me more then it hurts you " riiiigggghhhhhhtttttt . :devilr:
BassAwdyO said:

well if I had a girlfriend, and she held out on me cuz I made some new speakers. She wouldnt be around very long to say the least

Hehe , she doesnt hold out because i am building speakers. Its because i am disrespecting her. I am not respecting her opinion and input. So whatever happens i am probably deserving of it.

Women discuss and comprimise. I didnt play by the rules she does. I played by guy rules. Build it, if it doesnt work.....build it again. Full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.

And you will be forever dumping girls dude. The one thing i have learned in my playboyish life. All women play the same set of rules. Talk discuss compromise. If its going in the house you share regardless of who is paying the bills (ask any Judge who coughs up half to a housewife who never worked ) then she figures she has some say as to what is going into the place.

It was tough scrap but in the end i am getting what i want. Bigger sound. I am just being 'forced' to look at alternative designs. Something that i am starting to be grateful for since i was all gung ho on a massive baffle OB line array :eek: