Einstein still wrong

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The patent clerk... thought about things like riding alongside a beam of light, 111 years later we're still finding out he was mostly right. Not so much with g(G)od playing dice, but as the audiophools would say, several significant veils were removed. He stood on the shoulders of giants who stood on the shoulders of giants - I guess you can see pretty far from up there. Albert rocked!
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Ah yes, Scott predicted this.

Congrats on Sproglet.

Yes good luck for sure. As far as I can tell they recorded the chirp from rotating/collapsing black holes as predicted and even estimated the sizes and where it was. This is a real slam dunk guaranteed to start a s**tstorm. Time for KBK's input.

Sort of like yes the climate can change just ask the Neanderthals frozen in the last ice age.
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I seem to recall a (ahem, nutter) page on Geocities maybe 10-15 years ago, maybe even longer, some guy wrote a longish rant on what a colossal waste of funds the LIGO project was. Geocities has gone away, though it appears almost all pages were saved by the archiveteam folks. Unfortunately, I don't know how to search them. There appears to be a huge file of all saved pages you could download, but that seems too much trouble just to search for one page.

A little googling with different keywords didn't find it or a copy of it, but I figured I might have misremembered and it was on Tripod (I surf with NoScript in an attempt to be safe, but there's no guarantees - Tripod has a reputation for having many sites with malware, so be forewarned), whre I found this. It' doesn't have much about LIGO specifically (it seems to be all about exposing "Teh Einstein Cult"), and only mentions it in passing.
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My apartment building is constantly moving even on windless days just from local movements - enough to keep a glass decoration hanging on a string swinging back and forth a good part of the time. These guys build a detector so sensitive and well insulated from local movement that they can distinguish a response of one one-thousandth the diameter of a proton, mechanically !!! And we're all wangy over phono carts!

NY Times Article with audio file here
From movies to pure science USA got that right. Isn't that great :) !

Aliens contact signal sound. Link. As it was based on Carl Sagan story, I am sure creative minds must have worked on minute details in the movie.

Gravitation Waves sounds. Link. From a different perspective the fighting and discord in the world seems so insignificant and trivial.
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