Edgar Horns, caos, passive crossover

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I recently purchased a pair of Edgar Horn’s. I don’t understand a lot about them. They do not have a crossover, only driver connected to caps. The previous owner installed a tweeter on top, they are not the Fostex T500 that are usually recommended, they are directly connected to the binding posts of the cabinet below them.

Should I add a cap to the tweeters? Would they sound better with a crossover?

Thanks for any help!?

I can upload better ones tomorrow, but that’s what I have right now. I will open up the cabinets to get the driver models.


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Those are very nice horns. You are in for a treat in sound and super high sensitivity.

I would recommend getting a miniDSP and several smaller amps to run active. That’s the most economical and easiest way to get started without becoming an expert at XO design.

Since they are so sensitive - three sets of 50w Class D amps will work just fine and not cost much.

Depending on the drivers installed in them...

The woofer needs a low pass probably under 250Hz. The mid I would say goes from 250Hz to 6kHz, then tweeter above that. Try to use shallow crossovers. Or use the Harsch XO in DSP.

Get a measurement microphone. MiniDSP 8ch. Three TPA3116 amps. If you have nice Class AB or Class A amp already - use that for the mid horn where most important range for vocal and piano clarity. A small Class AB gain clone on top is good. Or even the TDA8932 is good. And a Class D for woofer.

Have fun!
I agree with X. Anymore, when I'm into a new build, I use a MiniDSP and have many amps to drive each driver. I play with the crossover points with both my ears and a mic until I find the right crossover points. Then I build a crossover to match.

You are in for a surprise when you get it right. Those would be considered your last set of speakers.....unless you are like me and just like to play.
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