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Edcor (O)PT vs tubelab's color codes?

On the CXSE25s the red & blue are the same as on Tubelab wiring diagrams. Yellow is positive, white is negative.

I used the XPWR035 which is slightly different than your 059. However the colour scheme looks the same. So the differences are:
Edcor Black/Red = Tubelab Red-Yellow
Edcor Brown = Tubelab Green

You don't use the center taps for the yellow (white/yellow) or the brown (white/brown). Likewise you won't need the Grey wires.


2010-02-03 1:59 pm
After studying tubelab's description and Edcor's shouldn't it be this way:

Tubelab = Edcor

Yellow (5v rectifier filament winding) = Brown (2.5v x 2)
Red (high voltage AC) = Red (375v)
Red/yellow (center tap for high voltage winding) = Black/red (C.T)
Green (6.3v filament) = Yellow (3.15v x 2)

YES! My bad:eek: I assumed that Edcor would use the yellow and brown wires for the same thing across transformers. On the XPWR035 the Brown are for 6.3v and the yellow are for 5v. The reverse of your XPWR059 :confused:


2010-02-03 1:59 pm
Yeah can't understand why Edcor doesn't use the same color codes with all their transformers.
Btw how do I connect the PT to my power receptacle (live in Denmark=240v), I have a type K outlet (no polarity), on the specification for the XPWR059 there is:

Black (input voltage)
Green/white (common)