ECC88 symbol problem in TINA-TI


2010-11-04 4:43 pm
Hi, first I like to apologize to anyone who has already answered this question in these forums.
I wanted to use New Macro Wizard in TINA-TI to add ECC88 from the library but in the shape folder-when I browse it- there is no tube shapes. So my question is how can you put symbol corresponding to the models ?
When you find out, let me know.
Till then, I'm an LTSpice man.
Old Spice, that too...

I was at TI tech day and wanted
to attend the TINA-TI seminar, but
was compelled to attend the power
supply design track instead.

One of my trusted subordinates
went to TINA, but didn't get me
the info on adding symbols and
models. A stern talking to might
be in order...
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2005-02-23 8:49 pm
But if you want to edit your own symbols, it looks like you're out of luck unless you fork out some $$.



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When selecting Macro shape you get the choice of

(Diode Tube)
(Triode tube)
(Tetrode Tube)
(Pentode Tube)

What more do you need?

I have added 6V6, 12xx7, KT88 etc, you can get an error with shape selection if you don't follow the pin naming convention as described in the link above.

Also to Simulate you MUST include at least one item from TEXAS Library - ie OP-AMP with all pins tied to Ground

I attach zipped folder with some examples put in C:\Program Files\DesignSoft\Tina 7 - TI

You may need to recreate the Macros from the .cir but they work




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