EBP, Tapped Horns and Hornresp

EBP, Tapped Horns and Hornresp

Hi there.

So as I understand from reading online, tapped horns (and possibly bass horns in general) require a relatively high EBP. Also that the Qts factor can be too low as well as too high. (And I assume then EBP can be too high).

Is there any way of studying a Hornresp simulation that can tell you whether the EBP is optimal or not?

Is there any consensus on whether or not Qts can be too low? And what would the problem be there?


No more so than vented or sealed.

True! We ideally want the alignment that best overall meets the needs of the intended app, ergo its EBP is just a single point along the T/S curve that defines all speaker alignments.

Of course! Though one has to first define 'optimal' within the context of the needs of the intended app, so no simple tutorial per se.

It can't, only a point of diminishing returns since again, it's all about the needs of the intended app. ;)