Ebay HI-END TA2024 DIY KIT,ASSEMBLED MODULE, anybody tried it?

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What I don't like:
Shonky shipping fees. (though it is international shipping..)
Bipolar electrolytics in the input (easily changed, there's some space for bigger caps but nothing really large)
Power supply filter caps look too small.
Ferrite cored indultors.
tripath chip's heatsinks not soldered to the board.
DC power socket, what's wrong with spade lugs or screw terminals?
is it a fake chip?

What I do like:
High quality, compact board.
Trimpot adjusted DC offset.
Soldering is MUCH better than all four Trends TA10.1 I've had.

I wish I'd seen these 4 months ago. I'd buy it and fix the things I listed and it's still cheaper than the Trends.
xaudiox said:
Just order the TA2024 amp from sureelectronics from ebay.. can be had for $20 including shipping..

I bought one of those aready. UKP13 shipped.

Thanks for the feedback. The pricing and shipping are a bit weird, but it probably means less likelihood of trouble at customs, and you can just figure it as total price. I always figure the shipping in internet buys. The prices aren't consistent from item to item either.

As to the chip being a fake... seems a bit unlikely, the board has lots of other genuine looking components. I haven't been able to source the chip alone yet, but it can't cost much.

Can't tell whether the power supply is any good or just a junker. I've got some old but good 'D' nicads here, they are capable of putting out 20A+ no problem, I thought I might try running off 10 of those, the pack voltage is around 13.8 fully charged.

For Cubase I got a little 4-channel Behringer mixer that I run into an MAudio 2496 in my desktop (or a Behringer USB DAC on the laptop), I want something to run that into for listening instead of powered monitors.

I got some Audio Nirvana Super 8's coming. I'm going to build the 2.8cft box.

I might buy one of these anyway.
OzMikeH said:

Not a good idea, max voltage for the tripath chip is 13.2V according to the datasheet. You'll have to drop it with a couple of diodes.

Thanks OzMike, but the warning's not really needed. I've always been a bit of a risk taker, consequently I've seen the magic smoke on more than one occasion. Quite a few people running other T-amps at this high a voltage AFAIK (although other boards may have a diode incorporated already), and I like to leave out as many components as I can so I may just go for it.

Actually the datasheet <i>I</i> got from the Tripath site says 14.0V max operating and an absolute maximum of 16V??

The chip does have a thermal shutdown on it, but the word is that at close to max voltage/temperatures, it will have a shorter life. I found just a few tenths of a volt between 13.5 and 14v really make a dramatic difference on running temperature. If you have access to one, a point-and-shoot infrared thermometer is a great tool for checking this

Be sure to put a heat sink on the chip if you're running close to the max voltage.

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