Ebay -- Gobbledegook !!!!

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I think I know what this means !! It's from Ebay UK with a UK seller.

The 4 time oversampling digital filter and Z filter constituted by the 3rd Bessel filter are carried.
In compact-disk-65, while inheriting the basic stream composition of Z filter as it is, in order to attain high-quality sound-ization further, it changes to the conventional LSI and 4 time oversampling LSI of a world's first 16-bit is carried as a digital analog converter. Furthermore, the digital filter before a D-A conversion and LSI for PLL demodulator circuits also throw in a newly developed type, and the decoder circuit is collected into LSI of three chips.
4 time oversampling LSI of the carried 16-bit,2D / A converter scheme which is a 16-bit digital analog converter which operates at 176.4kHz, and moreover has a leased channel of a L/R independency in 1 chip are adopted,The dynamic range was expanded and the outstanding property has been acquired at the same time it has the distinctive characteristics of the phase response and wide band of oversampling 4 times.

New materials and new optical system are adopted as a mechanism part, and compact-disk drive mechanism CDM-2 which pursued a small weight saving and no vibrating-ization is carried in it.
In CDM-2, the high-density glass wool plastics used for a medicine equipment, a precision instrument, etc. is adopted as the component parts of mechanisms, such as a subchassis and a swing arm, and the fall of a weight saving and resonance frequency is realized.
Moreover, to optical system, a 10-micron aspheric surface wave coat is coated on the surface of an objective lens by Philips's original replica technology, and optical system consists of only two lenses (they are five sheets conventionally). The spherical aberration which this generates with a spherical lens is banished.
Furthermore, the focusing mechanism was improved from the conventional man-month type to MC type, and quick tracking is realized by carrying out a weight saving from a magnet to a coil.

In order to eliminate the ill effect by an oscillation or vibration, a vibration of compact-disk drive mechanism CDM-2 the very thing is driven in, and CDM-2 is made into a perfect floating structure and it is carried.
The tray lid currently conventionally united with the tray was also made to become independent, and the tray is float[ a separation and ]-ized for the whole included compact-disk drive mechanism from the chassis.

The digital output termination is carried.

A direct play, the random access special NetWare program of a maximum of 20 music and the cone ticket play of a maximum of 99 music, the index play, 3 speed search, the repeat function, etc. are carried.

3 way time display device and the headphone jack with a volume are carried.


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