Earthquake PH10000D

is it possible that these amps have problems with the power supply driver transformer?


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amp came in with a dead power supply, found the 494 wasn't oscillating, replaced the 494 and when turned on it killed the remote turn on transistor. replaced the transistor, removed the 2 driver transitors, the 494 oscillates normally.
refit 2 driver transistors and it heats the remote turn on transistor very quickly and 494 does not oscillate.
When i fit the 2 driver transitors the remote turn on transitor gets extremely hot, the 494 was dead when the amp came in. I replaced the 494, the remote turn on transistor and the 2 drivers were both fine, but now when i turn the amp on the remote turn on transistor heats up rapidly, if i remove the 2 driver transistors the remote turn on transistor stays cool and the 494 osscillates as normal