Earth was The First Analog Source

Many VLF Natural Radio Emissions are Audio-Frequency events caused by interaction of wideband noise from lightning strikes interacting with the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere. Other VLF Natural Radio Emissions ar a result of the Aurora Borealis, Solar Events, and even events in deep space. These VLF signals are very difficult to receive in an urban environment, almost impossible by Electric-Field pickup because of strong electrostatic fields from HV power lines and quite challenging to receive by Magnetic-Field pickup with a loop or coil device. I've been in VLF for about 4&1/2 years and find that my hobbies of Hi-Fi diddling and VLF receiver experimentation, design, and building compliment each other, considerably improving my abilities in Audio Design/Building. Audio and VLF Natural Radio compliment each other well in my hobby-life, as great VLF parts are also great audio parts and I'm always ready to build or experiment! :treasure: Thanks for reading, Guys