Ear Yoshino CD remote control replacent?

Got my hands on this Ear Yoshino CD-player cheap, but the remote control is missing. It doen't respond to any the remote controls in house, so is there someone who knows what type of replacement remote control that can be used - universal or branded?
Thanks in advance :)


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The answer is: Logitech Harmony. Logitech stopped making them, but still provides programming software and the database of codes. Used remotes occasionally show up at thrift stores, or you can find them at local ad sites like Used, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace. Avoid the older ones that use mini-USB; the buttons are designed for looks rather than function, and you may need to use a sketchier older version of the setup software. Also, beware of fancy models with lithium batteries that might be dead and icky sticky coatings. The basic Harmony 200 is very good, and uses replaceable alkaline cells. Buttons can be programmed individually to get around the number-of-devices limit.
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Dongus, let me also thank you for your advice regarding this matter. It is very timely. I recently acquired a used Arcam FMJ CDS27 Network Streaming CD Player missing the remote control. I found a used Logitech 200 and have ordered it and downloaded the Logitech software to program it.